Artwork Specifications
Please submit artwork in the following native files or formats:
Native Files (Mac Only):
• Adobe InDesign CS3 or earlier (.indd) Now CS 5.5
• Adobe Illustrator CS3 or earlier (.ai, .eps) CS 5
• Adobe Photoshop CS3 or earlier (.psd) CS5


Additional Formats: .eps, .pdf, .tif, .psd, .jpg

• Please send all fonts, supporting files and images with an InDesign or Illustrator document in case changes need to be made.
• Please do not embed images.
• It is best to flatten all images unless changes are anticipated.
• All PDF or JPEG files need to have the highest quality settings available.
• All files need to be built to a 1" = 1" scale with supporting files at no less than 150ppi. For larger printed pieces you may send the document in a smaller scale providing the quality of the placed images is still good.
• All files should have a 1/4" bleed all around.
• All files and images need to be in CMYK format. It is preffered that there not be an attached custom color profile to any image or document as this may cause unexpected color shifts.